Engagement guide



I love couples that are up for an adventure and to go to a place thats off the beaten path, why choose typical when you can be unique! I want you to start thinking about places that you have always dreamed of going, places that resembles you and your relationship. If you are a couple that likes hiking and exploring new terrain, there are places for that! If your more of a chill of the couch watch a movie kinda date night vibe-in lovers, lets do an in home shoot! Are you more into snowboarding, rock climbing, walking on the beach with a glass of wine in your hand kinda couple lets do that! I find location is so important because if you go somewhere out of your element, your not going to be comfortable, and thats when you get pictures that represent you!





I find the most natural pictures come from couples being confident and comfortable in that they are wearing, i recommend one outfit but your can have up to two.

Here are things to stay away from: no bright colors.  no distracting patterns. typically i have my couples moving around a lot and in locations that don’t fit so well with heels.

Here are the things to look for : stick with neutral earth tone colors. if you are going to do two outfits, i would recommend one casual (shorts/jeans) and one dressier (almost like you were dressing for a concert. summer dress etc.) For guys i recommend layering, maybe a sweater with a jacket or a simple shirt. maybe one collared shirt, but i would stick to layering.


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