This couple is just the sweetest! i loved getting to wander around the beautiful coast near point reyes national seashore with them..Even though it was probably one of the windiest days to have gone! these guys were such troopers!  One of my favorite parts of shoots, is hearing every couples unique story and where there love began. Its amazing to me that after mikaela and josh went off to college, they did long distance for almost 3 yrs!  they had to battle the rumors and myths of  ” you won’t make it” and ” what statistics showed” but from that, it is the reason why their connection and love is so strong. That day we talked about dreams, love, life and relationships. this couple is so real, i can’t wait for their wedding in August! i know it will be even more love and long waiting coming to the end!
one of mikaelas dreams is to inspire people with her blog and also write a book! check this girl out!

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