So excited to share this intimate wedding!
Every part of the day was perfect. I loved all the moments leading up to the ceremony, Jeff and Hayes are the sweetest, kindest, most generous couple I have ever met. They are so real and pour there heart into there little family. There were times I would look over at them throughout the day and they were just staring down at those symbols on their finders. She is seriously the cutest bride ever, the whole day she would just squeeze his hands, look at him and say “we’re married!!!” With a huge grin. I think what I loved most about the day was how at the end of the day, they remembered every emotion, every conversation, every glance and embrace. That’s so special!
If your tired of the stress a big wedding holds, why not just elope to the city or have an intimate wedding on a mountain top!? In the end what matters is memories you create!

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