For over a year I dreamed of doing a shoot at this beautiful place.
I didn’t do it to build my portfolio or for anyone else, I really just wanted to do it because I wanted to create a creative space and break expectations of what a shoot “had to look like” …I did it to create an experience and truly be present in a moment. We spent two days in the sierras, we drank wine, laughed, talked about life, hiked under the stars, enjoyed some bomb burgers + brew and breathed in that crisp mountain air.

I think food mixed with experiences are the two things that bond people and what cultivate relationship and this proves that to me!

The thing that made me want to pursue
Photography in the first place, has always been the connections between people and intimate spaces I get to be a part of. I have gotten to sit with people as they cry reading notes from parents who weren’t able to be at their wedding. I have seen strong fathers weep when they see their little girl all grown up. I have seen sons Kiss their moms and dance like they were little boys again on the dance floor. I have witnessed two people giddy but also slightly terrified because they know the weight of the foundation set before them. Weddings are meant to be experienced! They are meant to bring you back to the core of why two people want to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings are not a bunch of traditions and “have to’s”. It’s meant to be for you, so when you look back on your day, you’re going to remember your best friends helping you getting ready that morning, your dad crying, your moms hugs and laughter and how you two felt in that moment. That’s what this shoot felt like to me

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