What can i say about these love birds?! Josh & Jamie meet in middle school. Josh moved to a different town and they both had separate lives all through high school until one night, at a bible study, they reconnected. now the 2 are inseparable! As i spent the day with them, i couldn’t believe they were only together a short time before josh proposed! It was like they have been together forever! I saw their love every time  he would look at her. when he looked at her you could see in his eyes he was fascinated by the beauty she carried. throughout the day, i would catch him staring almost in awe of who she was. I saw their love through the sweet bantering & teasing, the bubble gum blowing competitions and the way he would grab her chin and call her “his Jamielyn”. Even the way she would stare at him and squeeze his hand with a little giggle when he was giving her butterflies. this is love at its purest form. 


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