Hey, I'm brooke! nice to meet you!!

Im an intimate wedding + destination photographer based out of a little town in northern california.
I’ve always been a dreamer, a go with the flow, free sprited wander. i remember being little staring into oblivion missing countless conversations because i was so lost in a day dream.  I always considered myself a feeler in the sense that everything i feel, i feel deeply and to different extremes. i never imagined photography would be my outlet to dream and show how i feel. i started photography after high school and quickly found the thing i love to experience most is the raw connection between two people. it is the evidence that we are all people connected by one!
I live for the smell of pine trees, walking barefoot in nature, open horizons where you can see for miles, tall trees, higher mountains, sand in my shoes, and ending the day with a cold beer and sushi with sweetest, weirdest, most encouraging man, i call my husbabe. we live for exploring, whether thats hiking, snowboarding, jumping out of planes ( thats how he proposed!) or even just checking out new food joints ( we are big foodies) most the time our date nights are curled up watching Netflix or having game nights with friends. i couldn’t have dreamt up a better man to do life with!

my desire though my pictures is to show YOUR love, how it is. i want all the messy in-between, almost always gone unseen moments, that when you look back you can show your children, and your children’s children, your love story. the real, unfiltered, raw connection you share. this is your love story, your ryan gosling and rachel macadams moment! a photographer who completely inspires me with her art said “im not a story teller, im a story listener. tell me your story and lets make magic together” - india earl
thats my hearts tug, is to make you feel your story. weather it be thats in 5yrs down the road or 50 i want you to feel how you felt in that moment! lets capture you!



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