Its in the moments of holding each other tight, sweet whispers, barefoot and love felt so tangibly. I'm all about getting lost in the wonders this world holds and experiencing new things that leave you feeling more connected. those moments dancing under the stars, family surrounding you, tears of joy rolling down your cheeks, thats what life is about

im in it for the hopeless romantics, the giddy lovers, the intimate ones, the boho babes and indie souls, the ones who can't keep there hand off each other.


The photos Brooke took were way beyond our expectations. They sincerely captured who we are as a couple from the aesthetic, to the poses, to the real life moments she captured. Brooke not only is so fun to work with, but she makes you feel so comfortable. It felt less like a photo shoot and more like 3 people hanging at the beach on a windy day...


brooke completely blew out expectations! from the second we met her we felt comfortable, we knew she was going to capture our day in the perfect way but what we didn't expect was the emotion and just how much she captured. she isn't just a photographer, she's your friend thats there and will help you plus capture pictures that aren't even real! we are speechless!


Brook has such a creative eye for each shot that she takes. She is one to go above and beyond. We loved each photo that you took - they are a piece of art that we are ecstatic to share with those that we love. You are seriously talent and we are so excited to be able to re-live what was one of the best day of our lives!!!


If you're looking for a photographer who will capture life's greatest moments, look no further than Brooke. My husband and I knew nothing about photography and trusted Brooke with every detail which she executed perfectly. She has a vision for the most romantic and fun shots that you will be so thankful to have later on. Her fun, easygoing personality made it feel like I was working with my friend, and one less stress to worry about on our wedding day...

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